We are pleased to offer nut-free, gluten-free, and soy-free chocolate to our customers in the Buffalo area. All our chocolate is made right in our workshop, from bean-to-bar:

What's so special about small batch chocolate making?  We use the finest cacao beans in the world.  Each variety has it's own unique flavors which vary year to year, like wine grapes. Through experience, we have developed roasting profiles and ingredient proportions to enhance the desirable flavors and to subdue others - something the large producers simply cannot do.

After roasting, the beans are winnowed to remove the shells.

The resulting product, nibs, are put into stone grinders with sugar and a touch of cocoa butter, or milk powder in the case of milk chocolates. The chocolate continues to grind for two to three days.

Dark chocolates are aged between one to four months to soften the flavor. Chocolates are then melted, tempered, and molded into bars.

In addition to chocolate bars, we offer a variety of other chocolate-related products for sale in our shop.

Shipping is free with a purchase of greater than $30.   

We typically ship on Monday through Wednesday.  

All payments are final.