Dark Forest Chocolate Makers, Inc. was born out of the quest for quality chocolate. Our research led to an education on the health benefits of cacao, and the many varieties  grown in different parts of the world. We found bars from small batch craft chocolate makers in other cities that tasted amazing-—unlike anything available to us locally.


Inspired, we became interested in the entire process of making chocolate from bean to bar.  We established relationships with single-origin cacao bean brokers and cooperatives, purchased equipment, made many test batches, and completed a culinary study of chocolate confections.  This fabulous journey resulted in the discovery of a luscious, complex food that is made simply with minimal ingredients. Each type of chocolate is unique in flavor depending on many factors including the origin of the beans, length of roasting and stone grinding, as well as ratio of cacao to sugar.


From there, we decided to take a leap of faith and turn our obsession into a business.  Dark Forest Chocolate Makers opened for business in April of 2015.

The name Dark Forest was chosen because we wanted to connect with the source of our product and the best cacao is generally grown in the shade of overstory trees often in protected valleys of equatorial forests.

One of our goals is to bring to light the  common practice among cacao producers of using child and slave labor.  If a chocolate producer doesn't tell you their products are slave-free, they probably aren't.  To find out more about this issue, go to to slavefreechocolate.org.  You can even make a donation here.

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